Tips for Building Patio with Fire Pit

A patio is a cozy outdoor spot in your home that can be used for relaxing or entertaining. When you hire contractors to build patios Perth has to offer, you need to think about putting in elements that will complete this cozy space. Fire is a natural component to add to your patio. It makes it ideal to stay in your patio even during night time as you have a natural source of warmth. Plus, the aesthetic value that a fire pit brings to the space makes it even more desirable for you to hang out in and unwind.
Why Install a Fire Pit?
A fire pit is an essential component in many modern designs for patios in Perth. On its own, it makes for a standout piece in your outdoor space. However, a fire pit is added to your patio for more than just aesthetic reasons. It serves an important function and makes for a great concept in your patio.
The fire pit can be used to provide warmth if you want to spend your nights lounging outside on your patio. The fire from the pit will provide that warmth that makes it cozy enough for you to relax in an outdoor space. At the same time, you can use the fire pit for the focal point of entertaining during those nights. You can prepare S’mores and have fun indulging in your favorite dessert in your backyard. It is an activity that will be a hit with the kids and adults alike. Hence, it makes sense to ask your Perth patio builders to install one in your patio landscape.
Placement of Fire Pit
Once you decide to have a fire pit on your patio, the next big decision is to choose where to place it. Most of the modern patios Perth has today incorporate it in a separate space, somewhere outside of the dining area (if your patio is big enough). Ideally, you need to keep the fire pit close to the main area of the patio but not too close such that the space is well defined.
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For smaller patios, you can easily place it as a focal piece and surrounded by furniture. This makes it easy to stay warm when you are lounging in the furniture and enjoying some drinks. That way, it becomes the focal point of the patio design. If you decide to place the fire pit close to the furniture or where people are going to sit, you have to build an enclosure around the fire pit. This will keep the fire secure and out of reach especially if you have children walking around. You want your patio to look great aesthetically but you have to also consider the safety features.
Are you ready to start building your patio with a fire pit? Get in touch with top builders of patios Perth has to offer at These professionals can transform your idea into a comfortable living space for you and your entire family.