Food Catering 101: The Benefits of Buffet Catering vs Plated Meals

Food is one of the most important components of planning a party or event. If you are looking for a caterer to help prepare your food for the event, there is one important aspect to consider when making your choice. The decision to choose buffet or plated meal type of catering is the first dilemma that hosts need to consider. Before you start looking for companies that offer buffet catering Brisbane has today, you need what makes buffet better than other forms of catering.



What is Buffet Catering?



Buffet catering Brisbane has today is the most common type of catering service in the food industry. The word buffet comes from a French word that literally translates to the sideboard. It depicts the common form of serving food at various events or occasions wherein food is served in individual containers for diners to select the food items they wish to consume. There are no waiters involved; the diners get to serve themselves.



Buffet catering in Brisbane or elsewhere in the world offers a wide range of dishes – from appetizers to the main course, and dessert. Most Brisbane buffet catering services can also provide a wide range of options for drinks. Just like the food, you can go back and serve yourself again with another round of dishes and/or drinks.


What is Plated Meal Catering?



Plated meal catering is often reserved for corporate gatherings. Instead of serving food at a buffet table spread, the diners are served with meals to their table by waiters. This will include a full set meal from the appetizers, to the main course, and desserts. Hence, the guests no longer have to stand up and fall in line at the buffet table to wait for their turn to be served. The food will be ready and served on their table.



Benefits of Buffet Catering



Despite the convenience of plated meal catering, buffet catering Brisbane remains as the number one option for party planners. There are a lot of notable benefits that can be enjoyed with a buffet type of food service. The first advantage of the best buffet catering Brisbane has to offer is the number of food options. Most buffet caterers offer two to three entrée options. Hence, your guests will be able to choose from a wide range of food items that fit into their palate and preferences. In addition, they can refill their plates again as long as there is food on the buffet table.



On the end of the party planners, there is less risk involved when planning a menu for a buffet catering service. Due to the number of selection, your guests will be able to have options rather than make do with what is served to them. It is also a little less expensive to hire buffet catering since you no longer have to shoulder the cost of hiring waiters.



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