Bulk Billing Doctors – Healthcare Made Affordable

As the cost of living is steadily on the rise, sudden ailments can make a dent in your savings. Healthcare is mostly unaffordable for people with fixed monthly incomes because of the ridiculous fees charged by the doctors. However, the bulk billing doctors Gold Coast has provide outstanding services at reasonable rates.

What is bulk billing

Bulk billing is when your healthcare service provider accepts the Medicare subsidised rate as payment for the service. The Medicare card provided by the Australian government under its healthcare scheme helps in curbing medical expenses. It offers free or subsidised treatment by doctors, specialists and other medical practitioners. Medicare facilities include free treatment and accommodation to public patients in public hospitals and cover seventy-five percent of the cost in case of private patients in both public and private hospitals. Mostly every medical centre Gold Coast has is committed to providing a diverse range of services which reflect the multidisciplinary approach of modern healthcare. Such medical centres endeavour to reduce the medical costs of patients where possible through the bulk billing option.

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Services provided

The services offered under bulk billing include general practice, healthcare for men, women, children and the elderly, corporate medicine, mental health as well as counseling for trauma patients, alcohol abuse, solvent abuse, addictions. Consultations, assessments, and testing are bulk billed at many of the private and public medical centres. Gold Coast doctors are dedicated to providing the best services to the patients at affordable rates. Click here Burleigh Heads

How to find bulk billing medical centres

It is very easy to find bulk billing doctors Gold Coast wide as well as medical centres which adhere to the bulk billing system. You simply need to visit websites like https://www.smartclinics.com.au/location/burleigh-heads check your location from the list given, choose the doctor or the medical centre and book an appointment online. The doctors can visit your home if you are unable to go to the centre. Also, late night and weekend clinics are coming up to provide around the clock services to patients.

Advantages of bulk billing

Bulk billing makes family healthcare affordable. The services provided are comprehensive and include important tests like ECG, spirometry, pathology, drug screenings with fast and accurate results which can help in early detection of chronic diseases that you may be suffering from without being aware of them. Regular checkups avoided by most people to cut down expenses are made affordable. This can sometimes save the life of a patient who may be at an early stage of a terminal disease and can be given immediate treatment. The bulk billing doctors Gold Coast has do not charge anything extra once they bulk bill. The bulk billing doctors Gold Coast centres have are paid eighty-five percent of the scheduled fee for outpatient services and seventy five percent of the scheduled fee for inpatient services. The rest of the cost is borne by the government.


Doctors who wish to join the bulk billing system may visit websites like the one mentioned above and list themselves by simply emailing their names to the email-id mentioned on the website and by paying a small fee. Bulk billing is here to make your life easier by providing high-quality services at affordable rates. So do not fear when bulk billing is here.